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Boat Training


One on One


Prep & Launch


One on One Training

Captain Dan's Boating Services offers one-on-one hands-on, at the helm private boat training experience, where you are in command of the boat and learn how to actually operate / drive the boat.


Our one-on-one boat training adds to your confidence and seamanship skill set. This is not the typical classroom training that requires a large time commitment. We offer one-on-one hands-on boat training, where you are in command of the vessel and learn how to actually operate a boat. This will build on your current level of confidence, experience, and knowledge and help you gain the level of confidence and expertise that is important to you.


Captain Dan will train you on topics of your choice, using your own vessel. General training points are as follows but not limited to local water knowledge, wing dams, river charts and how to use them, weather awareness, boat handling/docking skills, basic navigation rules. Understanding aids to navigation, courtesy on the water. How to go through lock and dams. We will teach you how to  approach beaches/docks and how to anchor/tie up once getting there. 

Pricing: 2 Hr training session $150* or

package of three 2 Hr training session for $400*


*Pricing may vary based on location, distance, etc. 

One on One Boat Training

Prep and Launch Training

Standard prepping for a day in and out of the water


Captain Dan will review launch rules and launch etiquette. Perform boat inspection prior to launch. Assist in launching and preparing your boat for getting underway. Prior to getting underway perform underway safety and equipment review. After your day of boating we will assist in backing your trailer down, loading your boat onto the trailer offload gear, and wipe down your boat. Perform inspection and prepare the boat for travel.


This is typically paired with one and one training. 


Starting at $100*


*Pricing may vary based on location, distance, etc. 

Prep and Launch
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